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Goat milk soap is a powerhouse. Read the benefits your skin will experience from it.

Goat milk soap has soared in popularity over recent years. However, it has been used in soaps for thousands of years - as far back as the Egyptians! It even appears in old stories, mythologies, and plays. So what makes goat milk soap a popular choice for the skin?

According to a recent survey performed by the FDA, over 85% of commercialized 'soaps' sold are synthetic detergents and are not faithfully 'soaps.’ The result? Synthetic detergents strip the skin. Thus, it is abnormal now to find a soap that will benefit your skin.

The horror of synthetic detergents has contributed to the rise in traditionally made goat milk soaps. However, what exactly can you expect from goat milk soap? We have highlight five benefits your skin can expect to experience:

A gentle cleanser for the skin

We all desire to have soft, healthy skin. However, most products we put on our skin - commercial soaps a huge culprit - contain harsh surfactants. While removing germs, these active agents stripe the skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and tight.

A study endorsed by the National Library of Medicine found that it is best to use products on your skin with active agents that give back while you are cleansing. Giving back to your skin is achieved by using products that are high in certain fats to restore your skin's natural barrier.

Goat's milk is high in caprylic acid - a type of fat - the study found effective at gently removing germs while restoring the skin's natural moisture barrier. Thus, you can be sure goat milk soap will clean and feed your skin in one smooth action.

Flourishing with nutrients

We all love food! Your skin loves food too. A lack of fatty acids and natural oils in our skin causes dryness and irritation. Soap with lye alone will cleanse your skin. However, soap containing natural oils has the right nutrients to bring additional benefits, such as supporting a healthy skin membrane.

Goat milk soap is high in Vitamin A and Selenium. A recent study by the United States Department of Agriculture found that these nutrients successfully reduced psoriasis symptoms like dry skin. It led to a restoration of the skin's membrane, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin.

Therefore, soap high in goat milk not only cleans your skin. It feds it.

Can improve dry skin

Dry skin is awful. It hurts, can get itchy and rough. Not a pleasant feeling, right? Low water levels in the membrane cause dry skin. Typically, your skin has a formidable lipid barrier that slows moisture escaping. However, a low lipid level decreases the effectiveness of this barrier.

Goat's milk is high in cholesterol and fatty acids. A study backed by the National Institute of Health found that the fats within goat's milk can replace, restore and rehydrate the skin's lipids.

So, try it out - embrace healthy, supple skin.

Exfoliate your skin - naturally

Exfoliated skin is terrific! I mean, who doesn't like it? Goat milk contains natural compounds that exfoliate your skin naturally. Research has shown that natural compounds found in goat milk help to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells - the whole process of exfoliation!

The research also showed that the compounds found in goat milk were the gentlest natural exfoliates. Thus, it is suitable as an exfoliate for sensitive skin.

Goat milk soap will double as a cleanser and exfoliator! A win-win.

Helps prevent acne

Anything to avoid acne, am I right? Well, the good news is the National Institute of Health reports that lactic acid - a compound found in goat milk - helps exfoliate and clear pores. Your pores will be able to breathe.

The additional benefit of goat milk soap is that it doesn't strip natural moisture from the skin. Therefore, the skin doesn't need to go into autodestruct and overproduce its natural oils. Your pores can relax and remain clear and clogged free.

Goat milk is a gentle soap that has been in use for thousands of years. It's got everything going for it - it's soft, creamy, hydrates your skin, exfoliate, and clears pores. A total powerhouse.

If you are looking for a soap that feeds your skin, keeps it plump, lush, and healthy without irritation, goat milk soap will be just right for you. Go on, try it. Your skin will thank you.


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