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Our shaving brushes enhance the foamy lather of your shaving bar and feel soft on your skin. However, like any product, it requires some care so you can get the most out of your shaving brush. We have put together a helpful guide for you to achieve the ultimate shaving experience.

How to Get Rid of the Initial "Packaging Smell" of your brush

Not all of our brushes will arrive with a packaging plastic-like smell. However, a few may pick up the odor in transit. This smell can be icky when it's near your face. If this happens, not to worry, it can be easily removed with the following steps:

  • Soak the brush in warm water for 1 minute

  • Lightly squeeze out any excess water

  • Load the brush with shaving soap or shampoo

  • Generate a thick lather in the palm of your hand or in a bowl

  • Thoroughly rinse out the brush and lightly squeeze any excess water out

  • Flick the brush to remove excess water (hold on tightly)

  • Repeat steps two times or until the smell dissipates

How to Prolong Your Shaving Brush's Life
  • Never use water hotter than what you can endure for 10 seconds.

  • Your brush does not need to be sterilised; a shaving bar is cleansing.

  • Do not mash the bristles; if you bend the bristles too much, you will cause breakage at the tips.

  • If you face/skin lather, do not press hard.

  • After use, rinse thoroughly, shake out any excess water, and dry the brush on a clean towel.

  • Clean the handle thoroughly by plunging the brush in clean water until the water runs clear. This will remove excess shaving lather and cut down on the amount of lather scum you may find.

  • Dry the brush in open air – DO NOT store a damp brush.

  • Allow your brush to completely dry before using again.

  • Lather and other minerals will eventually build up on your brush; a soak in a 50/50 vinegar solution for 30 seconds will remove most of these deposits.

  • DO NOT pull the bristles. When squeezing excess water out, simply gently squeeze the bristles.

For best results, use our shaving brush in conjunction with Tamarvale Shaving bars (Milk Stout Shaving Bar, Buttermilk Shaving Bar, and Beer Shaving Bar).


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